Wam Bam Challenge

The simple aim of this challenge is to see how many callsigns you can contact between 00:01 on 14 November 2020 until Lockdown ends at 23:59 on 2 December 2020.  

As many of the contacts will be by ground wave there should be plenty of on-air activity even when the bands are apparently dead - and participants are encouraged to try modes that they might otherwise not normally use.

Participants - Members of SKARS are automatically registered for the challenge but anyone else (ideally near to Grantham) is welcome to ask to be added to the list.

Entries from anyone without a licence (SWL) are also welcome – see Recording for details

Eligible Bands – all amateur bands from 160m through to 23cm

Eligible modes – CW, Voice and Digital.

CW – any speed

Voice – SSB, AM, FM or digital voice (only one per member per band)

Digital – Any digital mode supporting 2-way contact (e.g. FT8, RTTY, SSTV, Olivia, PSK etc)

Scoring – you score 1 point per member for each mode in each band, so each member is worth up to 41 points (14 bands with 3 modes (2 for 30m)). Double points will be scored for the club callsign, MX0SKR.

Recording – You can use paper logs but may find it easier to use the spreadsheet below to keep track – just put the date of the contact in the cell. If you have no licence, just enter the other callsign that you heard in the cell of the spreadsheet (i.e. you need both callsigns to score)

Assistance – You are encouraged to schedule calls with other participants or to announce the frequency, mode and times you will be operating (on air, by email or any other method) – basically there are no restrictions on soliciting calls!

Have fun!

Steve M0NMA


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