SKARS Celebrates 10 Years

This month sees the South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society celebrate its 10th birthday. SKARS club members will be using the club callsign MX0SKR throughout February on HF, VHF and UHF using a mixture of modes.

The club was formed in February 2011 with the first meetings taking place in the back room at the Beehive public house in Grantham.

In 2018 the Club came 1st in the RSGB small club of the year after coming 2nd and 3rd in previous years.

As well as normal amateur radio activites, SKARS has a wide collection of members with interests ranging from Tesla Coils through to High Altitude Balloons.

If you have an interest in amateur radio, why not join in the local wednesday night net through repeater GB3GR. Although not an official SKARS net, the repeater is in close proximity to the club and is used by many of the SKARS members. You will be more than welcome.

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