Region 13 Small Club of the Year Presentation

Members of the RSGB Region 13 (East Midlands) team attended the club meeting in July to present SKARS with the RSGB Region 13 Small Club of the Year 2016.

Pictured above (left to right)
Ian Shepherd, G4EVK (RSGB Director)

Andrew Garratt, M0NRD (Chairman South Kesteven ARS)
Jim Stevenson, G0EJQ (Regional Manager- Region 13)
Graham Boor, G8NWC (Deputy Regional Manager – Region 135, South Lincolnshire)
Andrew Gilfillan, G0FVI (Deputy Regional Manager – Region 137, North Lincolnshire)

This is the second year running SKARS have won the regional award and now go forward to compete for the national award. Last year SKARS were awarded third place nationally.

As well as the presentation Graham Boor gave members an update on upcoming activities of the RSGB, including the YOTA week and the recent strategy review. Ian Shepherd gave an update on the proposed exam syllabus changes and the new online exam system.

There was an interesting and passionate Q&A and discussion about the future and direction of the hobby.

Andrew would like to thank all the members of SKARS for their hard work in rejuvenating and supporting the club over the last couple of years.


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