Installing QSSTV on Raspberry Pi

QSSTV is written by Johan Maes ON4QZ and allows the use of analogue SSTV and digital DRM SSTV (including the Hybrid mode)

Installation on a Raspberry Pi involves the downloading of the source code and the compilation of the program. This took me 50 minutes on a Raspberry Pi 3.

To make things easier I have taken the instructions and written a simple script file to automatically download and compile the program and create a desktop shortcut.

Firstly open a terminal window by clicking the menu icon as shown


This will open a window

In this window type


and press enter, it should download the script file as below

wget command

now in the same window type

chmod +x

and press enter, this makes the script executable

now the final step type


and press enter, it will now download the appropriate software/libraries etc and then compile the program, this will take up to 50 minutes (or more) during which you will see various messages etc in the terminal, finally it will return to the prompt.

Hopefully at the end you will see a QSSTV icon on your desktop, assuming you have a USB sound card installed you can open the software. Details on it’s use can be found on the authors website.

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