“Ham in Space” – Hamfest 2015

National Hamfest – 25/26 September 2015

The National Hamfest took place at the Newark Showground on 25/26th September. Following the success of the MADHEN Eggsplorer-1 High Altitude Balloon SKARS Chairman
Andrew Garratt (M0NRD) had agreed to launch another balloon flight. As well launching
on the Saturday the balloon SKARS also manned a receiving/tracking station at the event to monitor the flight and promote the society.The balloon transmitted telemetry and SSDV images back to earth and carried a ‘Ham’ in the form of a toy pig some 26km in to the stratosphere.

The payload landed back to earth south of Grantham and was successfully retrieved with hundreds of photographs taken onboard.

Assisting Andrew was his brother David (M6GTD) and Stewart (M0SDM) who brought along his Land Rover and push up mast to hold the antennas. The Land Rover attracted a large number of visitors in itself.

A full description of the flight and recovery along with links to the onboard photos can be found on Andrew’s blog. http://nerdsville.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/hamfest-hab-flight-mission-debrief.html