Exercise Blue Ham

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On Saturday 24 March 2017, members of the South Kesteven ARS will be assisting cadets from the ATC Grantham (47F) during this years Exercise Blue Ham.

The exercise will take place on the MOD 5MHz (60 Metre) Band and a significant part of the exercise will be on the section of the band that amateurs are authorised to use (in the UK this is full licence holders only)

Full details from Exercise Blue Ham website

Cadets in radio room

GB5ROC – Buckminster ROC Nuclear Bunker Open Day

South Kesteven ARS will be activating GB5ROC the Buckminster Royal Observer Corps Nuclear Bunker, at Buckminster near Grantham, Lincolnshire.

This is part of an open day by the UP AN’ AT EM! History project who maintain the post, and a rare chance to climb down and experience the bunker first hand.

Visitor climbing down

The open day is on Sunday 2nd April 2017 from 10:00. All visitor are to meet at Buckminster Village Hall to find re-enactors and displays, tea and coffee and a FREE shuttle service to the post. There is no visitor parking at the bunker! This is a free event!

See this page for more details and information on the bunker

Inside the bunker


GB0WM – A great success!

To help celebrate British Science Week 2017 the South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society (SKARS) operated the special event station GB0WM at the birthplace and family home of Sir Isaac Newton.

Woolsthorpe Manor in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth near Grantham is owned and managed by the National Trust and is where Newton developed his theories on mathematics, light and optics. It is also the home of the famous apple tree which inspired his laws of gravitation and motion.

South Kesteven ARS would like to say thank you to the National Trust and the staff at Woolsthope Manor for the opportunity to operate from such a prodigious location. Thank you to the visitors who came to meet us and our members that gave up their time to visit and support us. It was a very positive and enjoyable weekend which we hope it will be a regular event in the future.

A full report can be found here

M6HET operating

Woolsthorpe Manor

Sign at entrance

Konrad M0KVF talking to vistors at GB0WM

Darren M0PYU talking to visitors at GB0WM

Darren M0PYU talking to visitors at GB0WM

GB0WM – Woolsthorpe Manor

SKARS will be operating a special event station from Woolsthorpe Manor, Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth, near Grantham https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/woolsthorpe-manor as part of British Science Week

Woolsthorpe Manor is the birthplace and family home of Sir Isaac Newton. The 17th century manor house is where he used a prism to split sunlight into the colours of the rainbow, exploring the nature of light. The grounds contain the apple tree in the orchard which inspired his theory of gravity.

At present planned operating will be the weekend 18-19th March

Talk on the history of RADAR

Arthur Moore M0GUU returns to SKARS to give a talk on the history and development of RADAR and its operation on 7th April 2017.

Arthur has been involved in the development of navigation systems from the early days and gave a very informative and interesting talk to SKARS in 2015 on the theory and practise of the satellite navigation systems.

Talk will start promptly at 8pm

All welcome

UKAC Contesting Presentation

At the club meeting on the February 3, Andrew M0NRD will give a presentation on the various contests open to members of RSGB affiliated societies.


All welcome

New Committee 2017

Following the AGM on January 6th 2017 the committee of the South Kesteven ARS is

Chairman – Andrew Garratt, M0NRD
Secretary – Adam Hicks, M6OLT
Treasurer: Alan Collick, G0BXU
Events Coordinator: Stewart Mason, M0SDM
Junior Representative: Iván Szabó, M6HET